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    For nearly four years, the dashcam video of a County police cruiser striking a wheelchair pedestrian in a crosswalk in broad daylight was the most shocking aspect of the case. Now, a new court filing drops additional bombshells– including one that may explain how it happened.

    New information revealed in the course of the victim’s civil lawsuit indicates that immediately before the incident, the Albemarle officer, Gregory C. Davis, was involved in “excessive texting.” Furthermore, according to the document, Officer Davis may, under oath, have intentionally downplayed his texting.

    "Members of the public who have seen this video probably wondered how in the world this officer could have missed this person in a wheelchair," says attorney Richard Armstrong. "This finally explains."

    Messages left with Davis, his attorney, and the chief of police were not returned; and police spokesperson Darrell Byers says the ongoing litigation prevents comment.

    The November 5, 2007 accident created widespread outrage, particularly after release of the dashcam video showing clear conditions at the intersection of West Main and Fourth Streets.

    Feelings were already running high since the officer went uncharged while the injured man in the wheelchair, Gerry Mitchell, was served with a ticket in his UVA hospital bed. In the months following the accident, Mitchell– a longtime AIDS sufferer– alleged that he was hit not only by a police car but by a cascade of additional health woes.

  13. 7 signs America has regressed — to the 19th century - Salon.com →


    It is up to us to stop this downward spiral created by the wealthy oligarchs running our country into the ground. If we don’t organize and stand together against these greedy monsters, our children and grandchildren will be their slaves.

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